Track every movement!

Your Bike is secure with our devices!

Dedicated GPS tracking system for bicycles, e-bikes, electric mopeds, electric scooters and motorcycles.

Intelligent, light and invisible GPS tracker for bike. A Security system with GPS and GSM technology can alert the owner if anybody touches the bicycle. Locating and tracking a bike is available Worldwide. GPS for bikes will protect your bike during your absence.

All screen sizes

State of Art bike security!

Not just another boring tracker!


Very easy installation. It can be installed on your own or in professional service center.


GPS tracks your bike every 30seconds
GSM can locate your bike even indoor.

Connected App

Dedicated smartphone App.
All bike information is shown in real-time on
computer or smartphone


Battery is charged via waterproof USB connector or via an e-bike battery.
The system in real-time informs about internal battery state.


User receives following, different stages alerts which provide full safety for secured bicycle.

low Internal battery
battery charged
outside the safe geofence area
detected unauthorised movement


Product and software can be customized. API for external systems is provided.

Unique tracking system,
For every bike!

You always know where is your bike!

weather-1Tracks every 30sec

weather-2Locate indoors

weather-3Motion sensor

weather-4Live Alerts!


weather-6700hours battery

Śledz każdy ruch!

Your Bike is secure with our devices!

Dedykowany system monitoringu rowerów elektrycznych, hulajnog elektrycznych, skuterów EV, tradycyjnych rowerów oraz motocykli.

Inteligentny, lekki i niewidzialny lokalizator GPS do roweru. System zabezpieczający z użyciem technologii GPS oraz GSM potrafi ostrzec właściciela, jak tylko ktoś obcy dotknie Twojego roweru. Namierzanie i śledzenie rowerów jest dostępne w całej Europie.
GPS do roweru będzie pilnował Twój rower podczas Twojej nieobecności.

Different devices to fit any bike!

We offer devices to secure traditional bicycle and new ebike models.
Our devices can be installed in electric mopeds, scooters and motorcycles.

Secure your bike now,

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