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Accurate GPS tracker for ebikes, bicycles and other movables Enhance your cycling experience with our reliable and powerful BrX series GPS trackers.
Guaranteed GPS safety
Keep calm with the most advanced real time tracking IoT device. Stay in control of your ebike with our reliable GPS tracking devices.
Intelligent, light, and invisible GPS
Always know where your bike is. Check your bike's current location and travel history. Ideal for personal use and for e-mobility, cargo eBike tracking and bike fleets.
Smart IoT Security System
GPS, Bluetooth and GSM technology alerts the owner about any bike movement.
Adding an extra layer of security
Every 30 seconds our device sends your bike's location adding an extra layer of security by helping you find and follow your stolen belongings.
Global reach
Global reach, 24/7 security quard and 700 hours of battery life charged directly from your eBike or with USB-C. Track anytime and anywhere with an intuitive mobile app.

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How It Works?

Tracks every 30sec
Shield Bike keeps tracking your asset location every 30 seconds. All the information is shown in real-time and can be accessed from a computer or a smartphone.
PUSH notification
If the device detects unauthorized motion while in lock mode, it sends you a push notification via the app and can also call you to make sure you know about the movement that requires your attention. If the user does not unlock his bike within 3 minutes of receiving the PUSH notification, he will receive an additional telephone voice notification.
Locate indoors
With Shield Bike you can follow your assets’ exact position even indoors. If the device loses a GPS signal, you can still locate it with the same accuracy thanks to GSM CELL Locate technology.
Device alerts
Device alerts will also inform you if one of your protected devices has a low internal battery, a fully charged battery, or is outside the safe geofence area.
Trip history
In the app, you can also check your trip history and see where you've traveled during the last 12 months. Statistics are available for distance traveled in km, average speed, maximum speed and number of stops.

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Choose a locator for your safety

For an electrically assisted eBike


GPS device hidden in the electric bike recharged by the main eBike battery

Dla roweru tradycyjnego lub motocykla


A portable IoT device intended for installation in a traditional bicycle, motorcycle with USB-C charging

What our clients says

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Shield.Bike App and Device are easy to use but make it hard to steal your bike.

Easy to manage and install
It takes less than five minutes to download and set up our iOS or Android app. The GPS asset tracking device comes with a simple step-by-step user manual. You can install it yourself or at one of our partners' locations.
Deter thieves
Our Shield.Bike tracker works as an effective thief deterrent. The GPS anti-theft module will notify you as soon as it is compromised. The Shield.Bike uses specially designed screw heads - it is highly unlikely that removing the device without specialized tools will make your bike an unattractive target for thieves.
Theft Prevention
Solid wireless theft protection. A hidden bike tracker goes unnoticed by other people.
Realtime tracking
Shield.Bike can run in real time tracking or power saving mode. I guess everyone wants to know where their bike or small child is. Data can be sent at 30 second intervals.
Smart fleet management
Set up virtual geofences and get a notification every time your assets enter and/or exit the area.
Long Battery Life
Up to 30 days of battery life. The battery can be charged directly from your eBike or with USB- C connector.
Enhanced Waterproofing and Improved Durability
Shield.Bike weather-resistant gps tracker for bike is effective in tracking under any weather complexities. Shield.Bike is resistant to impacts, cuts and other intentional damage. Unlike bicycle locks, it is highly unlikely that the device can be removed quickly in the event of a theft.
Accuracy of Tracking
GPS asset tracking is accurate to about 3 meters or 10 feet. You’ll definitely find your property within that range.
The Anti-Theft System will notify you as soon as it detects any attempt to tamper with a PUSH or VOICE notification - long before there is any chance of removing it from the bike.
White Label
Custom options available. Both products and software can be customised. If you need an API for external systems, other B2B offers or a white-label model, please contact us. We are the Company that produces the hardware and the software.


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